Saturday, July 12, 2008

Endurance Project Week 1

I did not sleep well last night. I was too excited! I swear, I woke up every 45 minutes. I was up, showered, dressed and ready to go at 6:15am. Then I had to wait around for 30 minutes before it was time to leave. Pure torture.

We met this morning and had a brief introduction. Bethany showed us some very cool warm up exercises I had never seen before. Maybe took 10 minutes. We decided on a short 2 miles to get an idea of where people were on the ability scale. What we did was head out together and let everyone naturally find a pace. We had a few in the lead who agreed to turn back at mile one. This way everyone basically stayed together without anyone feeling like they were being held back OR holding anyone back. I especially liked this because I think it keeps newer runners from feeling like they are lagging behind. For an endurance race like a half marathon, we can't be focusing on speed. It's about perseverance...being able to "go the mile", not about how long it takes to get there. (at

We had a little questionnaire before we set out to run. We all answered these questions, like what was your last run in time or miles, have you ever run a race...if so, what was your last finishing time...what is your goal time for this half, etc. We were very pleased to see everyone had a very good foundation for this training project! Wonderful! Everyone is way ahead of where I was when I met Jim nine months ago. I foresee each and every one of us finishing this FCA Half Marathon. With a great time too!!!

When we finished our run, we did some cool down exercises together. I was happy to see Jim incorporate some yoga into the cool down. The gentle stretching and breathing exercises we did were perfect. I have come to love yoga and appreciate how much more flexable I've become. There's definately a benefit for the runner from yoga.

Overall, today was a huge success. I am looking forward to training with this group of people. Each and every one of us is ready for this challenge!!!


Great job to everyone on Saturday morning! What a great way to begin your training through the North Port Endurance Project.

The goal for July 19 is to complete a 45 minute run/walk. Some participants asked for information about the July 19 running route. (team members, please see forwarded email for this detailed info) There will be a water stop at about mile 3 and you will be able to check your running time to determine how much further you should run before turning around. Athletes going all the way to the end of the road before turning around and returning to the parking area will complete 5.1 miles.


I don't really have a word, I just like seeing "Coach Kim" in
See you all on Saturday!!!!!


mike said...

Hi Kim,

How many people in the group?

Sherry said...

Sounds fantastic, Kim! I envy all of you training together like this... I can totally understand why you're so excited. :o)

Nitmos said...

Group running can be great if you all have similar goals. Good luck1 Make this the fastest HM ever. Or, at least, the most fun.