Friday, July 11, 2008

NP Half Marathon Training Starts Tomorrow!

I am so excited!!!! I am really looking forward to this training program. My coach, Jim put this project together and put me on as a running coach. I am just thrilled! Tomorrow is day one. We'll all meet and talk about the training schedule, upcoming races we'll be hitting and of course the ULTIMATE goal of the FCA Half Marathon Oct 11, 2008. Then we'll go for a run...ooooh what a

I know most of the people who have signed up and we're going to have a great time. We have seasoned runners who have not yet conquered the half, seasoned runners who just want the training program and camaraderie, to new runners who want to take up the challenge of endurance. These are the people I feel a connection to, as I basically jumped in feet first myself. Hopefully I'll be able to give support to these runners as they go through those periods of wondering if they're crazy for attempting such a distance. When they start feeling overwhelmed or thinking they can't do it I can tell them I understand and that they CAN do it. I remember very, very clearly hitting moments when I just wanted to say "forget it"'s unattainable. Sometimes you get sick, tired or even get an injury to sideline you for a few days. It can still be done. I am proof! Then there are the rewarding days where you see the goal. You run a little further. You breath a little easier. You feel strong as a runner. You know in your heart that you ARE a runner. It's a beautiful feeling. You have become one with the road. Yes, I am a mushy person...take me as I am....LOL

Jim is a phenomenal coach. He teaches and coaches in such a way that you walk away from a session feeling like you can leap a tall building. He's straight forward, supportive and funny. Perfect combination.

I emailed Lisa Lawson, the Race Director for this half marathon and let her know our team will be running this race. She's planning on mentioning our team in her announcements! Thank you Lisa!!!!

Here is the link to The FCA Half Marathon webpage and registration... If you live in this area, check out the website for this race. It will be a beautiful, scenic route and the weather for Florida in October is perfect for a nice 13.1 mile race. It's the perfect race for our team!!

I'll be posting after each weekly training on Saturdays. Stay tuned for the updates!!!

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Good luck with your training!