Wednesday, August 27, 2008

4 Miles This Morning

This week I really got back into my gym classes. I went up a little bit on the weights and put a bit more into my yoga. So this morning when I got up at 5am to run 4 miles with my good friend, Ed....I was very sore. But I love it!!! John Cougar Mellencamp comes to mind..."Hurt So Good".

I've been playing around with my hydration before a run for a couple weeks now. Trying to find a happy medium between nicely hydrated and not being on the verge of doing the "I gotta pee" dance every time I run. There. I said it. It's been an ongoing issue from the start. I'm only 42 for cryin' out loud! Geesh. So...I have a Slim Fast and a banana about an hour before I run, then a few ounces of water when I head out. If it's over 5 miles I plant a bottle halfway around the route. It's working. No "issues" for almost 2 weeks now. YAY! I have had some chills a couple times, but I stopped when that happened. I expected to have some tweaking to do.

The funny thing about the Slim Fast and the banana is that I found this combo to help with leg cramping. My right calf had been cramping up on me a few times. I don't get any when I do this. Bonus that it works with keeping me energized and hydrated on my regular runs.

Ed met me in the driveway and we walked a short distance to warm up. Oh...I figured out why my Garmin won't work...I didn't get it with the foot pod. DUH! Sending it back for the right one.
Ed always has his so I call out what pace I think we're at and how far I think we've gone. I'm usually pretty close. I know it's from training without a watch.

We did 4 miles at a 10 minute pace, walking 45 seconds about half way (my idea, but Ed finishing at 39:30. That's good and bad news.

GOOD: that means we kept a pretty steady 10 minute pace and finished strong...which is what you want to do. We talked the entire way too. Good indication that we weren't killing ourselves.
BAD: that means we could've gone faster! I suggested we go for a 9:45 pace next time and see what happens. Ed humors me. He can totally go faster. He stays slower for me, just don't tell him I know this. He might take off on me!!

I felt a lot better after the run. I'm not too sore anymore. I also went to yoga 2 hours later and did some great stretches. Feelin' fine now!!!

Off to sew and get some stuff done!
Happy running!!!!

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