Saturday, August 30, 2008

John Z MDA 5K Race




I'm back with the details. You lucky people....haha

I got up early, the team was meeting at 6:30 for our warm up run. This race was 3 miles from my house so I was meeting them all there instead of carpooling.

This was Jada's very first 5k!! I was so excited for her because I remember when I ran my first race. I'd been running for about 6 weeks and was nervous to actually race. It was a four miler too...why do a normal 5k when I was planning on a full marathon with 4 months of training, it kinda fit the bill I guess. It was that race that I got hooked. I was wondering how Jada would feel after hers!

We all got in line at the start. It was a little warm and windy. I had an agenda. I wanted a major shave off my time. I tried to stay focused and truly believe I could do it. I was pumped. I was R-E-A-D-Y. That's when I glanced to the right. OMG! My daughter Kirstin was with my husband! I casually mentioned earlier in the week that I had a race, in case anyone wanted to come. She said she would since she'd never been to any of my races. I SOOO wanted her to come but she works so late, I tried not be too hopeful. When I spotted Bob and Kirstin I yelled. I was so happy, I even cried a little. We all hugged and I got back in line.

I had Ed and Josephine in my sights. I didn't expect to keep up with them, but I wanted to go out fast and try to keep the pace for as long as I could. That lasted one mile for me....LOL. Ed told me later we went out at sub 8's, then got into an 8 for the first mile. After that they steadily left me in the dust. I could see them up ahead (little spots in the until about mile marker 3, but I was a GOOD minute behind them already.

The first mistake I made was to run the water table. I know better than that. Between my training and not over hydrating before the races I SHOULD have walked it. Instead I tried to swallow some water while running. I inhaled it instead. Almost drowned myself....LOL. I learned a lesson though, so I won't punish myself too severely.

I, Kim Cusick, do hereby solomnly swear to walk the water tables from now on. PROMISE.

Anyway, by the time I got to the bridge I was tired and feeling like I wouldn't PR. I walked up the small bridge and ran down it to get my legs back into it. About 3 people passed me at this point. Usually I get passed in the beginning of a race, not the end. I try to save some energy for a strong finish, but I was worried I didn't have enough left in me this time. Self doubt is not a good thing to be feeling at this point.

That was when I heard Bob W coming up behind me. We run together occasionally. He's a quiet guy on our training runs but this time he was yelling at me to get going. He yelled for me to go faster, that I was almost there. I felt a surge of energy return to my legs and I did take off. I could see the finish line up ahead, which is my mental cue to go all out. Between that, knowing my husband and daughter were there, and Bob W turning into a Combat Drill Seargent behind me...I did finish stronger than I would have. (I appreciate your extra push Bob W!!!! Thanks again!!!

I finished at 27:25. About 30 seconds off my last PR. I am pleased. It wasn't the time I had in my mind, but that's ok. As long as I can keep shaving 30 seconds off each time I race, I'll be happy.

The race results have not come in yet, I don't have everyone's numbers, but I know Cindy shaved about 2 minutes off!! Jada finished strong but I didn't get a chance to talk with her after the race. I'll email her later. Josephine finished with Grand Master! A bunch of us got a trophy. (my first one)

Guess who wants to run now. Kirstin! She felt the excitement and met a few of my runner friends. She wants to start training for a 5k this week. I'm thrilled and proud. She's 19 yrs old, it's a great time for her to find the solace, peace, and personal triumphs running can bring. I can only hope to help her train like Jim trained me. The freedom and joy is the first step. The rest comes along naturally.


Sherry said...

I just checked the Zoomer sites for the race results, Kim... I'm SO freakin' happy, proud, elated... yay for you!!! It feels awesome to start shaving down your time bit by bit, huh? Gotta love it! Scott ran his first 5K down in Estero on the same day. He did super.. with a 28:50. I'm so proud of him. It was a terrible hot/muggy day on Saturday... just imagine what we'll all be running come the Turkey trot in November! Weeee.....

Congrats again!

Nitmos said...

Congratulations! Heck, yes, you can keep taking 30 seconds off each 5k and continue to enjoy PR's. Nice job! Next up: Breaking 27 mins!!

Steve Stenzel said...

NICE JOB!! And congrats to your friends too!!

Way to go!!!