Thursday, August 14, 2008

Doing Some Training

This Florida summer heat is tough to train in. Being a lazy runner by nature, it's not helping matters much. Luckily my good friend Ed is a running maniac and he lights the fire beneath my Asics. He likes to run at 6:30 am. I like to lay in bed at 6:30 am. Sometimes it's more fun to dream about running anyway. I'm wicked fast in my dreams. Pun intended.

Ed, Bob and I ran on Wednesday morning. I ran 3.5 miles and the guys went on to finish 4 miles. It was the first run I've had in 3 weeks where I could actually breathe. Feels good to breathe when you run , ya know?

This morning Ed came and picked me up for my very first speed workout at the track. I knew he was coming at 6:30 but I still stayed in bed until 6:10. Nice. My husband tried to wake me at 5:30 when he was leaving but I'd changed my mind about getting up by then. I contemplated calling Ed and being a slacker but I figured in the time it would take to find my phone and make the call, I'd be awake anyway. Up I got. Good thing too because Bob W. was supposed to come with us but he overslept! Ha!! He must have needed the rest.

The down side of getting up 20 minutes before a run is....I didn't eat. So I didn't have the energy for the workout Ed planned. I did half of his workout and spent the other half walking around the track while he ran. I need a good nutritional plan. I've never been good about eating. I need to change that. Starting T-O-D-A-Y. Please pass the chips. To me. And I'll take a Bud Light with those thankyaverramuchhhhh.

Saturday is the 4th annual Hurricane Run. As I'm sure you all know, Florida got hit with Hurricane Charlie 5 years ago. It was pretty bad. In fact, we have families still recovering from it. Very sad.

The team will be meeting at this race Sat morning. Jim and Bethany will be away for the weekend. That means I have to pay attention this time and get a good race report out to them. Usually I just do whatever they say..."ride their coattails" you may call it. That's what I call it anyway. I'm a coach for this project, but I tend to be the more emotionally and verbally encouraging coach vs the training, physical and teaching coach...(Jim and Bethany's job)...I like the "hearts and flowers" part of coaching I guess. I like the "hearts and flowers" part of everything, as a matter-of-fact. The team already knows what they need to do before, during and after the race. I guess they'd notice if I tried to slip a little tea party in there somewhere. Or tried to get them all to sing "Mama Mia" by Abba. I might try that one anyway. Like a motivational anthem, if you will. Hey...maybe I can talk them into doing "The Hustle" as a warm up/stretch! I think that would work nicely. Don't you???


Nitmos said...

Good. Another closet ABBA fan. Or maybe not "closet". My wife thinks I should hush up about my weird ABBA fandom.

KimsRunning said... CRACK me up!!!
I need to know how the whole Guns and Roses band got the crabs...without having to read the book....LMAO

Sherry said...

Yes my friend, breathing when you run is a GOOD thing!

How did the Hurricane run go?

I'm nursing a baby cold. Argh! I've had very loooow energy for the past 4 days and I have a heavy training day ahead of me today (intervals AND swimming). I think I shall collapse this evening... and I don't want to be b/c the women's triathlon is on TV! Double argh!

Hope you had a terrific weekend!