Sunday, August 17, 2008

NP Endurance Project Week 6

The team met at the 4th Annual Hurricane Run in Port Charlotte yesterday Aug 15th. The "real" coaches were away (grrr) which left me, so there was no unified warm up or cool down. I have failed at my first solo coaching expedition, sighhh. There were only 4 of us there running and we just kinda chatted before the race. Ed and Frank were working the race for Zoomers so they were cheerleaders. They looked so cute with their mini skirts and pompoms...(kiddin') Joan was there helping the race people. She's a great source of support too. (luv her)

Quite a few of us were away, Sherry has a hip flexor injury. We all know how I feel about the hip flexor so I feel her pain and frustration. Hugs to you Sherry! Hang in there girlie!! Abbey is away to The Keys and we have Hurricane Fay on her way. The Keys have been evacuated of tourists/visitors as of this morning. I feel bad for Abbey. She works her behind off and was so looking forward to her trip. Hugs for Abbey too.

My friend Chuck was at this race. I hadn't seen him since the Boca Grande 5k last February! Ooops, not true. We ran the Sarasota Grouper Marathon in March. Anyway, he's speedy. He finished this 5k in 22:01...YAY Chuck! Always great to see you!

Tess, Cindy, Jackie and I were running this 5K. Sherry came to cheer everyone on. My husband Bob came too.

Away we went! I was hoping to break 28 minutes but I was unsure how I'd do. I made a new playlist on my iPod with 30:05 minutes worth of music. I mixed up all my faves so I wouldn't get too crazy if I heard the wrong song at each mile marker. I put my favorite racing song at the end (Sawyer Brown's "The Race Is On") so I'd have an idea how I was doing. But I forgot what song I had playing before that so it didn't help. What DID help was coming around the corner and hearing my husband yelling that I was coming in under 28 minutes!! Chuck was with him and was cheering too. It was like a shot of rocket fuel! I was very excited! A new PR!!

Tess placed 2nd in her age group...YAY Tess!
Cindy placed 4th in hers
Jackie placed 8th in hers
Kim placed 5th in hers

Overall we did a great job! GIRLS RULE BABYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Next easy 8 miler at the State Park next week. Ed and Joan are putting on an after run breakfast. Yummy!!!!!


KimsRunning said...

I forgot to give my finishing time...27:52!!

Sherry said...

Sooooo proud of you, Kim! New playlists definitely do help as does the cheering section. Next time make Bobby wear your running skirt & give him a set of pom-poms... that will REALLY motivate.

I'm with ya on the hurricane hoopla! Scott's USAR team is on alert so he spent most of today putting up hurricane shutters since there is a chance that he could be called in to work tonight or early tomorrow. I can't handle those buggers on my own. We talked about hitting Publix, but I reminded him that we have enough cereal in the house to live on for two weeks! LOL! Did you know that I was such a cereal freak???