Thursday, August 21, 2008

Personal Training Update

I've been so immersed in the NP Endurance Project, that I keep forgetting to post my own personal stuff. That, and I'm really busy lately. My embroidery business has had a little peak season. I spent a few hours in the shop last night (7.5 hours actually).

I was supposed to run with Ed this morning at 6:30. My husband tried to wake me at 5:30 but I was soooo tired. I remember hearing the PITA snickering about me having to call Ed to cancel. (for those who don't know...PITA stands for Pain In The Ass) Anyway...I mumbled that I had EVERY intention of running with Ed. It was a 3 miler...we have an 8 mile trail run planned for Saturday with the team so we were going easy this morning. Bobby said ok as he kissed me goodbye. I think I had him convinced I was running, but as soon as his car left the driveway I grabbed the phone. I can't remember the conversation but I know I got the key point across. Which was....I'm astayin' in my bed. And I did. Until about 9:45am. I never, ever do that. It's a huge waste of a day. But I kinda liked it this morning. I did get up at 7:15 to get the kidlings off to school and hopped right back in bed at 8:30 when I got back home. Ahhhhhhh....lovin' it!

So Ed and I ran Sunday. We did a 10 miler. I cannot for the life of me figure out my Garmin. Ed has the Deeeluxe model so I don't really bother when I run with him. I've been running for so long (ok, only been running 9 months) I never wore a watch when I was learning to run. My coach is very into listening to your body. Learning the Galloway without a watch worked so well for me that I can tell what my pace is pretty acurately. I never trusted myself before, but since I've been running with Ed I can call out the pace and I'm usually right on the dime. Kind of thrilling. Except at mile 9 the other day I said to Ed that it felt like a 9 minute pace. He laughed and said we were at an 11....LOL...I guess I was tired. Kinda like when the weatherman says it 82 degrees but feels like 103. Yeah! Just like that!!

I ran 3 miles yesterday after yoga. I was by myself. I had some new music on my iPod. Shattered by OAR is my new fave! The one and only good thing about running alone is....I can sing and no one cares! I did have a nice run. It was pretty hot...Aug in SW Florida is like that. At about a quarter of a mile to the end the sky opened up and it POURED. It felt fantastic! I loved it. The sounds of the rain, the smell of the earth and the coolness from the breeze is sooooo beautiful. I became one with nature that day. Like a butterfly. Anyway....I did it in 27:59. It's not a killer pace, but really invigorating. When I got back to the gym I complained to Carla that my heart rate monitor didn't work on my Garmin. (I can't figure out how to get the average pace either). But Carla said...and I quote...."Is your chest strap on correctly?" I said...and I quote again...."I'm not wearing the chest strap, Carla." UGH! I'm an idiot. As my boss says...."Beauty and no brains." I'm sure she was just kidding.....hmmmmmmmm

Saturday's trail run should be interesting. I hate running across a patch of grass. An entire 8 miles of trail should basically suck for me. But wait! The true WOMAN in me is a little excited because I just bought a new pair of sneaks. Nike trails. They're cute and I bought them by accident. I liked the pink and navy colors. They felt cushiony when I ran around the store in them so I took them home like a drunk man takes home the barfly. Oooooh...PRETTY! Only they were still pretty in the morning....teehee! I found out when I went to a class Jim was teaching and he said something about my trail sneakers. Oh. I guess I'm still learning!!!


Sherry said...

LOL! No chest strap! Kimmy!!!!

I'm having one of those "don't want to get out of bed days" today and I'm supposed to do a LSR AND weights! At this point, I'm not sure if either of them are going to happen.

Good luck on that 8 mile trail run. I don't envy you (running on trails/grass always feels so tough) but I am intrigued... I bet if taken at a nice 12 min/mile pace, it would feel GLORIOUS! Maybe this winter when things cool down. Which trail system are you using?

Black Knight said...

In my opinion to wake up at 05.30 to run one hour later is a double torture!

Nitmos said...

The nice thing about trail shoes is that they come with an auto wash feature so they'll never get dirty on you.