Monday, September 22, 2008

Short Run

I was pretty sore from Saturday's 9 miler this morning. But I ran anyway. Ed was doing a 15 miler and I really wanted to do that, but I knew I would be too sore for more than 4 miles.

The first mile was kinda iffy, my hips and right knee were very sore. We did about an 11 minute pace. By mile 2 I was feeling peppy. The soreness was wearing off so I figured it was all muscle fatigue from running 9 miles after a 2 week hiatus from running. Then at mile 3 my knee basically let me know we were done. It was sore and tired. Felt a little creaky too.

Ed has had knee problems in the past so when he told me not to push it, I listened. He ran up ahead in here and there and back-tracked because it was still dark and he didn't want me to get We went to the water station (at the end of my driveway) and Ed continued on. I sat on the car and rubbed ice on my knee for awhile. It seems better. Then I went in, I had 2 kiddies to get ready for school.

I popped out the door to cheer him on when he passed about an hour later. When I pulled back in the driveway from dropping the kids, Ed was back at the water station with the biggest grin on his face! He completed 15 miles!!! YAY!!!! I'm so jealous...haha! Great job Ed!!!!!!!

There's a man who runs my route now and then, I call him "Gazelle-Man" because when he runs he looks like he's just gliding along effortlessly at about a 6 minute pace. He passes me a few times running, then again on his bike. Drives me I found out Tess lives nearby and runs my route, so I asked her if she's ever seen Gazelle-Man. Tess had not had that honor...until this morning. I got a text from her this morning telling me she spotted Gazelle-Man on her way to work. I almost died laughing!!! I called her back for the full story, of course. It was girl-talk so haha!!!

Tess is a marathoner, I enjoy running with her. We seem to be on the same page with pacing and she runs like she loves it. I love that about her. We're doing an exercise class together tonight and then going for a run right after. I know I ran this morning but I'm going again. =P


Sherry said...
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Sherry said...

Hi Kim! I'm alive!!! Actually, I just returned from a 10-day vacation to NC and SC. Got in a bit of good training while I was gone AND took in some beautiful sites. I missed all of my blogland peeps, though. It's tough being without a computer. LOL!

I'm trying to catch up on all of my blog reading. So sorry that your body is giving you some grief right now. I hate it when I have flare-ups... they seem to come and go like the wind. It's weird. The pics and race report from the Myaaka run were great! What day is your half marry on again? I can't quite remember.

I'm starting a countdown to my Oct & November events as well. There are SO many of them, but I'll most likely be kicking things off with either the 5k or 10k run on Gasparilla, October 5th. Which reminds me, I need to register! :o) After that it's on to the Orlando Women's Tri (Oct 25th) and then my "A" event... MiamiMan Tri (Nov 9th).

Whew! So much coming up!

As always, I love reading your blog and all of your updates. Keep up the great work! HUGS!