Monday, September 29, 2008

Aches And Pains

I am soooo frustrated these last few weeks. I finally got over that pancreatic flare up that set me back 2 weeks and now I'm having some funky hip pain. I seem to do fine with any distance under 5 miles, then all H-E-double hockey-sticks breaks out. I was pretty sure I just over did it when I banged out a 9.5 mile run coming off that 2 week hiatus. Pretty dumb thing to do after not running for a while, but then I don't always think. That's what makes me SPECIAL. That and the twitch I'm getting in my left eye. Sexy, I know....

The Endurance team met last Saturday for an 11 miler. I was curious to see how my achy breaky hips would hold out. I decided to go out veryyyy slow, about 13 minute pace. It was hard to stay down because I was feeling so good but I was in for the distance...hopefully painfree. Jim started off with the lightfoots and backtracked back to me and Cindy now and then to check on us. He had to cue me a couple times to slow down so that was good. I'll admit it sucked watching Ed and Michelle up ahead trotting along like I wished I was. It was also difficult watching Jim take off and run a 6 minute pace to catch back up to them. I could feel the draw to take off and follow them, but I didn't.

By mile 5 or so I felt that familiar pang in my right knee. My hips had been achy from the beginning but not getting worse so I didn't stop from that. The knee is a different story. I saw what Ed went through with his IT band injury last spring, I know for a fact I don't want that kind of trouble, especially 2 weeks away from the half marry.

I cut across and found Michelle and Ed headed for Sabel Trace so I sped up to catch up to them. Probably shouldn't have done that because then my knee was killing me. I had to walk the last mile or so back to the gym. I'm usually ok with having to do that, but this time it did plant a worry in my head. If I can't do an 11 mile training run at a leisure pace, how am I gonna finish the half marathon?? Never mind that I was hoping to finish it in 2 hours. I pretty much gave up my time 3 weeks ago, I decided my first half will be for enjoyment and to just finish. The second one will be different. Well, my heart and my head argue about that all the time. The facts are facts though...que sera, sera....

Saturday was a rest day for sure. Sunday my daughter Kerri gave me 2 Aleive and WOW...I felt fantastic! That tells me it's inflammation. This morning I ran 4 miles with Ed. I was exhausted and had to go slow but not too much pain. Ed was very good to me, he even stayed with me instead of taking off. Ed told me sometimes the first year of running can bring out the areas that may need extra care, like knees and hips. Makes sense, I am still a relatively new runner. Only been at it for 10 months. I plan on hitting up Jim for some cross training exercises to strenghthen my hips and knees. I know he's going to tell me to rest up first...of

Right now I'm feeling pretty good physically, mentally I'm going a little crazy.

So here's some fun news....less than 2 weeks to the FCA Half Marathon! YAY TEAM! It looks like all of us are ready except for one injured and one doubting herself. Jada, or as we who love her call her....JETTA...someone wrote her name on a race bib that way and we tease her mercilessly....teehee...anyway, Jada has been MIA for a couple weeks but we know she can finish the half. We have a pre-race pasta dinner planned the night before the race. It gives everyone a chance to relax and talk about what to expect for the race. And eat like maniacs. Except for Ed, who eats really light the day before a race. What he doesn't know is I'm making him a cheesecake. He can't resist'll be a good time with good people. I'm looking forward to it almost as much as the race!!!!


Sherry said...

Aw, Kim... your poor body sure has had the blues this summer. Fall has GOT to be brighter. I can't believe that your 1/2 marry is only 2 weeks ago; then again, it's also hard for me to believe that I have so many races coming up over the next 4 weeks as well. Good God! Frightening!!!

Are you still planning to run Gasparilla this weekend? Scott and my friend Sondra are running the 5k. I'll be doing my first attempt at a 10K race... 'er a 10K 'finish'. :o)

Take care of that body of your this week...


mr. kimsrunning said...

H-E double hockey sticks? Kimmy you are far more skilled in the art of profanity to use such a phrase.