Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Half Marathon Training

The FCA Half is in 10 days. I feel less prepared for this race than I ever did for the full marathon last March. I feel old, tired and sore. Not as sore as I was, but still sore. I didn't do much cross training in the gym this summer. When I trained for the full Marathon last fall I cross trained every other day. I ran Mon, Wed and Fri (Fri was always a light run so I could do some distance on Saturdays) and then I was in the gym for weights or cardio. And the only two injuries (only!!! LOL) were a pulled flexor from yoga and a pulled achilles from stepping in a hole. Oh yeah, and a dog tried to eat me. Other than that tri-fecta I was perfect....HAHA! Oh wait! How could I forget I got the flu the week I was to run my 20 miler???? Maybe I wasn't feeling too prepared then either. So what's that? A four-fecta???? I ran the full marathon with 14.7 miles being my longest run. Pfffft....this half should be a cake walk. (yeah right)

BTW, when I saw Jim at the gym and told him about my hip/glute pain he told me to rest it before I could even ask about some exercises for strengthening those areas. I knew it.

Let us count the catastrophes during this Endurance Team Training period together....

3 nice pancreatic flare ups (it's kinda nice I shared this with all of you, now I feel free to discuss it with you...lol) over-hydrating troubles (which I have figured out and are no longer having any troubles I'm happy to report), upper respiratory failure (ok, not complete failure but the cough was sooo annoying when trying to run) complete loss of the use of my legs 3 weeks ago after that 9.5 mile trek I went on after being sick for 2 weeks, (maybe not complete loss, but it KILLED to walk) anyway...what else??? Oh yes. I think I have a pinched nerve or sciatica or a tumor growing on my lower back/upper glute area. You choose. They all have the same outcome for me. PAIN IN THE A$$. (I don't like to use foul language. Swearing is not too lady-like. I hardly ever use profanity. My husband is a wicked liar.)

So...I think I'll run that half in 1:57:43. (in my dreams) Who says I'm losing my humor????
More like 2:22:22. I'll be ok with that. I hope.

I think all of you know me well enough by now, that no matter what happens Oct 11, 2008 at the FCA Half Marathon, I will be there. I will be smiling. I will be happy. I will be among friends who I have come to care very much about. Being there to see them reach their goal and knowing I got to be a part of that will by FAR be more important to me than my finish time.

This is the last time I will air my complaints. Thank you for listening.

PS. I probably will still complain now and then.

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Sherry said...

you have had quite a summer full of injuries, Kim... but I still think you are going to have a great 1/2 marry. There's something about the adrenaline that comes with an "A" race that just can't really be appreciated until you are "in" that moment. Like you said, though, no matter what... you'll be there smiling away as always. :o)

Hope to see you out on Gasparilla this weekend. I would give money for a cold (er, "cool") front to come through!