Thursday, October 2, 2008

Nine Days To The FCA Half Marathon

Our goal is in sight! The FCA HALF Marathon is next weekend. I am so proud of our team for staying with the project. We're about to see the benefit of all those miles of training! It wasn't always easy running in this Florida heat. All of us have had life step in and take over here and there, interrupting our training but we persevered and will see it to the end.

We do have 2 team members who had to drop out, sadly. Abbey moved away to Chicago, she is already deeply missed. It's just not the same without her. Sherry has an injury that's kept her from training for a few weeks now, but I really think she'll get back into it to run a different half later this year. Sherry is very involved in Breast Cancer Awareness and is a captain for the 3 day, 60 miles walk-a-thon coming up. We all wish her well with the walk and healing her injury soon!

We have another member who thinks she may postpone running a half for now, we'll find out what her decision will be by the weekend. Jim has a good pep talk for those little moments of doubt so she may still be in.

That leaves Jim, Bethany, Kim, Michelle, Bob, Ed, Tess, Cindy, Linda, Frank, Josephine and Jada...with Jacki on the fence. (come on can do it!!!)

We're all meeting for dinner the night before the race. To make it easier for those who work days, I'll have everyone's packets who signed the permission form for me to pick them up. This race is on a Saturday with packet pick up on Friday only. Lucky for me both of my employers have been highly supportive of my running and I have the day off from two of my jobs. (thank you Kellee and John...xoxoxoxo) I'm the boss of my third job and I hereby give myself the day off from Kim's In Stitches also. But one more call out and I'll fire myself!! (just kiddin')

This week is a rest week with a couple short runs. Worked out for me since I've been so busy anyway. I did my core exercise class and 2 yoga classes this week. Got my ass kicked in the first 2 classes, but Wednesday's yoga class was a nice gentle relaxing stretcher. The pain in my hips and knee is pretty much gone now, so I'll try a 3-4 miler Friday morning to see how it goes. I have decided to treat this half like I did the finish happy and strong, never mind the original time goal. Which was 1:57:59. My new goal time is 2:22:22. I should be capable of that one.

This weekend's last training for the team has been changed to Sunday's 5k on Boca Grande. We'll do a 1 mile warm up, run the 5k and finish off with a gentle 1 mile cool down. The week before the big race is to be announced by Jim, but I'll stick my neck out and assume it's a very restful week planned. Probably 1 or 2 short runs with some mild cross training only. We need our bodies to be rested, infused with nutrition and ready to bang out those 13.1 miles!

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Nitmos said...

You are going to kick 13.1 miles of arse based on all the great group training I've been following here!