Sunday, October 5, 2008

Boca Grande 5K

Most of the Endurance team took this weekend off, but there were a few of us die hards who showed up for the Boca 5k. I ran this race last January and LOVED it. It's out on the island and sooo beautiful. The weather was actually cooperative too. Not too hot and a little breezy.

Given my sore hips and right knee, I had not run for a whole week. I was pretty sure my finish time would be "less than thrilling", but I figured...what the hey! I'd run it and take whatever the outcome. So I proceeded to party hardy Saturday night and downed 5 (yeah 5) beers. I woke up a little tired but I figured it wouldn't matter.

Sherry (Stiffy Legs Blues) was going to be there with her husband Scott, and I knew a bunch of people who were going to run it too. The social part of these runs are just as much a draw as the race for me. I love these people. Mike is back from Maine and he was supposed to meet us there. He was a no-show, very disappointed! I saw Chuck, Sherry, Mary, Bill...too many people to name.

Jim, Bethany, Josephine, Frank, Cindy and myself were the only ones who came. Tess had been traveling and needed a good rest. She was missed but we understand the need for sleep!!! And we were jealous we didn't get any....LOL.

I saw the tattooed woman I seemed to stay with for the last 3-4 races. Her name is Amy and she's not in my age I knew that but I thought she was 22, she's 32! I talked with her today and told her I wanted a picture of her tattoo. It takes up her entire back, it's beautiful. As soon as I get that I'll post it.

Boca Grande 5K is very well known for their fantastic door prize of a 2 night stay at the Anchor Inn. It's worth $800. and we all covet it. Specially me. But that was not to be. The only thing that made THAT ok, was Jim got it! I guess if I couldn't have it, I couldn't think of anyone else I'd rather see get it than my coach. But I want it even as I write this.

We lined up at the start, I skipped my warm up run. I figured I already had a strike against me by imbibing the 5 brewdogs the night before. I did make a new playlist on my iPod for 28 minutes. It's my new thing. I make a playlist in the time allotment that I'm wanting to finish in. I make sure the last 2 songs are "The Race Is On" by Sawyer Brown and "Destiny" by Jim Chaps. This way I know where I'm at since I hate to wear a watch...

The island is so very beautiful, I looked around while I was running, trying to take it all in. The dragonflies were not as abundant but there were a few. The smell in the air was fresh and crisp. I ran with Sherry for a little while before she pulled ahead and then turned for her 10k route. I went straight ahead for the 5k. I slowed at the water table, sipped a little and poured the rest of the water on my arms and legs. I was so busy looking around that I never saw any of the mile markers. I can kinda feel the distance without them but I kept forgetting to check for the markers. Next thing I knew I was at the 3 mile mark. And I felt good. Still strong. Had some energy in me. So I booked to the finish line. I realized my iPod was still playing which meant I was coming in under 28 minutes. Hmmmmmm....made me go faster. I flew down the chute with "Destiny" blaring in my ears. I couldn't believe I got in at 27:31. Just one second longer than my PR. So now I'm all pissy because had I skipped the beers and warmed up and stretched I might have had new PR. Live and Learn.

Guess what? I think I want to change my goal time back to sub 2 hours. Will I ever be satisfied?????


Sherry said...

It was so nice seeing you at the race yesterday. And of course, you did awesome... even a bit out of practice and while still digesting those beers! Natural talent, girl... I tell ya! :o)

Are you getting 1/2 marry butterflies yet? I hope you enjoy the upcoming week and make sure to rest those legs as much as possible. Can't wait to read your race report.


Nitmos said...

Wow, nice near-PR though considering the imbibing the night before! You sound like you under sell your training somewhat. You don't just show up to a race after not running for a week, having a few beers the night before, not taking it seriously and then....nearly PR! Nice job!

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

This is definitely not what I needed to read a mere week-and-a-half away from my next (Saturday morning) 5k race! I had already resigned myself to a beerless Friday night ... but now ...

On the plus side - this is yet more anecdotal evidence to support a Grand Unifying Theory of Running that I'm working on, viz.:

Beer makes you run faster! (<-- Patented Intellectual Property! No stealing!)