Tuesday, October 7, 2008


I've been reading some blogs lately and it seems everyone is on a taper. And they're COMPLAINING!! I'm sorry but I just don't get it. I love tapering. Sometimes I long for that taper feeling so badly, I throw in a taper in the middle of my training. I lay around doing nothing. Dishes in the sink?? I LAUGH at the dirty mess! Floors need a sweep?? What's the point?? I have a couple kids to do all that for me. (I have 4 kids but not all of them like to help Mommy) Gimme my iPod and a spot by the pool....sighhhhh....taperrrrrrrrr!

I just had a nice little taper last week. I had a big 5K race Oct 5th, I wanted to rest my weary legs. I tapered. You might be thinking a 5k is only 3.1 miles, no need to taper but try it. While you're at it, party up big time the night before and only get 5 hours sleep. Then go run a 5k. Yeah baby...that's some hard core training material. I should write a manual like Galloway.

I asked my coach what the big deal about a taper was. He's been running forever. He says people hate to taper because they feel like they need to keep training. They worry they'll lose everything they've accomplished. Well geez. I never thought o' that. Maybe that's why I'm a slow poke? Whatever. I run when and if I feel like it. I'm the captain of me and what I say goes. Sometimes the draw toward the pool or hot tub is just too strong...Run?...hot tub?...run?...poolside tanning?...hmmm...see what I mean??? Throw in a bag of chips and my choice is made.

The half marry is in 3 days. I ran my last run tonight with Tess and Mike. We did 4 miles nice and easy. We finished in 42 minutes and we felt fan-TAS-tic. I came home, had a sandwich and 2 beers and a soak in the hot tub. Now that's some serious training right there. Got it all in. Sighhhhhhh...except the chips. I ate all those last night.

All kidding aside, I originally said I wanted to finish this half in 1:57 but popped it down to 2:22:22 because I had some bumps during my training. I felt that I had no business trying to come in under 2 hours. BUT. Yep, there's a but. I have since changed my mind. I came up with a new finish time using my fantabulous mathmatical skills. (stop laughing Bobby) Anyway...I am going for 2:13. It's in between 1:57 and 2:22. Ooooohhhh...told ya I'm not just good-lookin'.

Rumor has it there may be a brewdawg with my name on it at the finish line.....that'll shave my finish time considerably.


Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Beer at the end? Doesn't that go without saying? But, then, why should it go without saying? People natter, natter, natter on about things that really don't matter all the time, till ya just wanna grab 'em by their collars, shake 'em, and yell: "Hey! These BEERS here ain't gonna TALK about themselves! Or drink themselves, thank God!"

Gulp! BURRP! Ahhhhh.....

If you can't drink the beer you want, drink the beer you're with, sez I.

Nitmos said...

What's a goal if it doesn't challenge you a bit? Keep on rockin'.

And, yes, I hate the taper for that very reason...I feel like I'm losing fitness by the day.

Sherry said...

I like the 2:13! I think it's perfect!

The taper... oh yes. I have about 8 days until I start a small one (as in really only 1 full day off) in preparation for Orlando Women's Tri and then I have another hard week of training before I start my main taper for MiamiMan. When I started all of this jazz I think I felt the same way... that I was going to lose everything in the taper. However, I've since found that to be totally bogus and feel like you. I LOVE the taper!!! If I do it properly I'm seriously itching to race come race day.

And yes, you should write a manual... like Galloway!! LOL!