Thursday, March 27, 2008

Cape Cod Marathon

I spoke with Jim at the gym about shaving 1:47 off my marathon time. He says just shaving 30 minutes would be awesome, 1:47 is a stretch. So that means it COULD be done. The only thing is, I think I talked my sis-in-law Michelle to run the Cape Cod marathon too. She's a little tiny bit reluctant, but I know she can do it! If Michelle does run with me I'd just run it for fun and stay together. But if she finds that she can't or she doesn't want to.....well then I'm gonna go for it.

I kinda feel like I felt when I first decided to run a marathon last October. Excited. Nervous. More than a little crazy. How cool would it be to run THE Boston marathon????? Especially being a Boston native. I have 7 months to train for this. And since I'm the captain....I'm giving it all I've got. This time I know what I'm in for. I have the breathing and endurance down. I just need the speed. While I wouldn't say I made any huge mistakes in the Grouper Run, I can definately think of a couple things I can do differently. Especially with the training part.

I guess I can combine my Body For Life challenge, shaving my 5K time and training to qualify for Boston into one big goal. It will all be a benefit toward the ultimate goal. And I do have that invite to train with the high school track team.

I need to check into this a little more.

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Topher said...

Ok Kim, if you're going to run the Cape Cod Marathon, you've got to call it by it's proper name....

The Dunkin Donuts Cape Cod Marathon.

Thanks for mentally pledging to my blog. It worked; I actually got up and ran before the sunrise this morning. Now I totally need a nap, but at least my run for the day's done. That has now freed up my evening to try to install a new dishwasher for my wife this evening. What was I thinking when I got up the first time the alarm went off?

Oh, and as far as blog templates go, mine is actually one of the plain jane blogger templates. The only difference is that I designed a custom header, and then played with the text colors, etc. Looks like yours is a blogger template, too. I've been planning to add some custom tabs, but haven't really sat down to research how to do it yet. But with blogger, they've made it much easier to even add just a picture to the header. It's surprising how much something as simple as that can make a difference.