Thursday, March 27, 2008

Vanilla Got Free Running Shoes

Well hey! I'm so jealous! I found this blogger through Sherry's blog (see both links to the right) who is a riot. I peek at his blog everyday and crack up! Very funny guy. Chicks dig his cool writing skills...more than any nunchuck skills he may have, and I wouldn't doubt he has those too. So he got a pair of Pearl Izumi Synchro Infinity running shoes sent to him to try out. I was right there reading his post about opening the box. Removing the tissue paper, smelling that "oh-so-new" sneaker smell that will be destroyed in one mile.....and I was feeling the euphoria with him. How very, very flattering to have a company send you their newest product to try out! It's like being a celebrity! Maybe I should get his autograph before he's too famous!

So these particular shoes are black and gray. They look pretty manly. So manly that it makes me wonder what the girly version looks like. Pink???? That's my favorite color. The manly version even has shocky things that look like big teeth growling. Do the girly ones have veneer-like teeth? Maybe a few little sparkly decorations? I'm all about the girly look. I'll check into it and get back to ya.

Wait a minute now....this blogger is the "Shave Your 5K Time" challenge guy. If he wins, that will not be fair....I'm going to have to look into this a little more. I think he may have an edge. A "one-up". Hmmmmm.....just the phsychological boost alone could possibly make him faster. I feel my inner competitor awakening.

Too bad I can't even run. I hate my hip flexor.....Grrrrrrrr

Shave Your 5K Challenge

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