Thursday, March 13, 2008

Howdy Neighbor!

It has come to my attention, that my most very favorite neighbor ever, has found his way to my blog. Only took him 2 months.....LOL...HI DON!!!!!

Don is the perfect neighbor. He's quiet, friendly, fixes my brakes, pretends to love my kids and lives wayyyyy down the end of my street....LMAOOOOOO....Just kiddin', he hasn't fixed my brakes (yet). He has greeted me at the end of his driveway with a frosty cold beer on the occassions I've timed my run correctly, how sweet is that??? VERY!

Don gave me his secret to running distances. Beer and pizza. He says that's what he did when he was in track in school. Personally, I haven't tried it yet but I just might!

Don has a ride-on lawn mower. Not just any kind. He took the blades off it and painted flames down the side. He races it up and down the street. Yeah, told ya he was COOL. He also gets together with my neighbor Gary across the street and peels out in Gary's mustang. Even leaves RUBBER. (not THAT kind silly, geez....LOL) My other neighbor Rick is a cop. How funny is THAT? I have another neighbor next door, his name's Gary also, and when the 3 of them get together, we lock all the doors. Need I say why???? I didn't think so.'s a really funny story. Don has a HUGE dog that is just as friendly as he is. He slobbers alot, but we don't mind. (Don does, not the dog) A couple weeks ago Don was walking this big lovable furball past my house. My 10 yr old daughter Emily was outside with my husband when he ran up and grabbed her stuffed monkey out of her hands....LOL...(the dog did, not Don) Emily freaked, Don freaked, I was working and missed the whole hysterical thing....hahaha...Em got her monkey back in perfect condition, no worries. It was karma though, because about 4 years ago we were at Don's for a cookout and Emily pushed him in the pool fully clothed....heeheehee....only it's a lot funnier now to reflect on than it was when it happened. Oh, how time fixes all things!!!

So there's a little bit about my favorite neighbor, Don. He's not just a great neighbor, he's a great friend.

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