Friday, March 14, 2008

Body For Life...Day 5

Doing surprisingly well! I am anyway. My husband fell off the wagon last night. I came home from work last night (after midnight BTW) and there was CONTRABAND in the kitchen! empty pizza box. I couldn't believe my eyes!! So I woke him up to find out what happened. I know, nice wife, huh?? He admitted to eating 2 slices. My son Robby shares Bobby's love for the fatty triangles too. Supposedly, my husband got it for I'd fall for that.

I guess I should confess one thing. Someone brought potato chips into my home. I think it was Kerri or Kirstin. I walked away 3 times. Then I opened the bag and just smelled them. They called my name, I swear. I went back thinking I'd just lick one. And I did. It was a very enjoyable experience, actually. But ALAS!!! It was not enough. I ate it. Just one though. What???? It's not like I ate PIZZA! And I just talked to Bobby....he slipped and admitted he really had 3 slices....LMAO!!! If I knew that, I'd have eaten 2 chips. I drank a bottle of water to dilute the bad effects of the chip, which was a Lay's Kettle Honey BBQ. Yeah, see??? They're irrisistable!

I did my "on the ball" exercises at the gym this morning. Jim killed us with ab work, which I loved. I did leg work too, trying to help my hip flexor. Did some resistance exercises too. Mike was there for running club, and I REALLY wanted to run. I tried a little but the push off from that leg still hurts too much. I'm very frustrated but I can tell it's getting better. I won't try to run for a couple more days. I can't wait to get back to it!!!!!

I'm going to wear my Injinjys to work tonight for "old time's sake".

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Sherry said...

Hi Kim! Keep up your great work with 'Body For Life'. Adopting a healthy lifestyle is SO worth it and once you make a habit of it, it's easy to maintain. :o) You can do it!

I've been in TN since Sunday, but I finallu updated my blog about my last race. I set a new PR... by minutes; so I'm totally stoked! I got in a 6 mile hilly run here yesterday-- such a nice change of pace. I'm not sure I want to leave. The scenery is SO pretty!

I'm sure you are itching to run again. Such an addiction! You'll be on the road in no time! Talk to you soon!