Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Body For Life Day 8

I am adjusting pretty well to the menu choices for this program. It's becoming easier to refuse scrumptious foods, which isn't always easy working in a restaraunt.

Last night Bobby and I took the kids to the St Pat's party at Beef O'Brady's. What a great surprise to see a band that used to play at another restaraunt I worked at 4 years ago. Jimmy and Dave were the highlight of my weekend work shift there! The music was fantastic and they brought their groupies who were also a delight. I also made a ton of money when they played!

Jimmy wore his green kilt last night, but he just smiled when I asked him what he had on under there....maybe because I asked him if it was a ribbon....heehee!! They played all the Irish faves and the crowd really enjoyed them. They also know my coach, Jim Chaps. Small world! Here are the links to these great singer/songwriters.....


I know you'll enjoy them!!!

My friend Sherry made a new PR last weekend in a 5K....http://awomaninmotion.blogspot.com/...28:19!!!!!!! YAHOOOO Sherry!!!!! Sherry was running a 5K for breast cancer. I am so proud of her!!!!!

I did my workout today at the gym, I stretched my flexor with some resistance exercises. I also used the abductor (?) and that seems to really strengthen the muscle. Jim says I may be good for an easy run on Friday. (fingers crossed) I did the stationary bike for 30 minutes, keeping the RPM above 90 the whole time. It was a great workout and my hip handled it well.

I'm off to go lay in the sun.

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