Thursday, March 20, 2008

Surprise Update on Body For Life

I LOST 5 LBS!!!!!!!! I can't even believe it! Finding that out got me in my closet trying on old jeans. I can add a few more to my wardrobe. Yay!!!!!! Let's hope I don't wreck it tonight when I take the kids to Olive Garden. I'm just having the salad!!!!! And a bite or two of Kerri's weakness there is the breadsticks dipped in alfredo. Ooooohhhhhhhhh, yummyness. I did think my stomach had gotten a little flatter, but I didn't expect the scale to show anything THAT good!!! And in just 10 days.

I'll be back later to tell on myself if I misbehave.

Oh, one more thing......Bobby got me the new Asics Gel Frantic 2 sneakers for my b-day!!! They came in today....yahoooo....just in time for my very first run tomorrow since the marathon. They're white with....guess what color....yep....PINK! Hot pink actually! Can't wait to break those babies in.....

1 comment:

Sherry said...

FIVE Pounds! That's terrific, Kim! Keep up the great work and ENJOY your new shoes!