Friday, May 30, 2008

The Buying Of Sports Gear

A new phenomenon has begun at my house. Where once we used to tamp down each other's spending habits, we now can find reason to spend some cashola on our sporting gear.

Gone are the days of Bobby asking me if what I planned on buying was a "need" or a "want". I used to hate that. I'd say "If I WANT it, it's a freakin' NEED", ok?????

Or the days where I'd kindly remind him we just spent a buncha money switching to solar hot water, should we be booking a cruise just now?

I should have had a clue when I told him I wanted a pair of spikes to speed train with, and he told me to GO FOR IT. I did pause a moment, seeing as I had JUST bought my new Asics a few days before. Paused for 20 seconds. Then went and bought them. (I'm not stupid.) I gave it a couple days and tested my husband. I told him I need more running clothes. He said, and I quote...."Proper running attire is KEY to being successful. You should be comfortable." Hmmmm....weird. But ok! Then I told him as I was registering for the Space Coast marathon for Nov, that the $86 fee he'll see on the account was for that. He beamed at me and told me that was GREAT that I was committing to another marathon.

Something fishy was going on. Usually he asks me to hang on a couple days for some auto withdrawls to come out first or something, knowing full well I'll forget I wanted that particular "thing". That's his way of saying "no" without saying "no". I know I'm his weakness. This man of mine can never refuse me anything. He has never said no, but he makes a compromise instead. Or throws out the "need vs want stupid thing. This is the way we've been operating for 15 years and it works. I, on the other hand, just tell him he can't spend any money. Ha! Anyway, something was going on and I was about to find out what that "something" was...

First, let me tell you about my husband. He's almost 46 yrs old, tall, dark hair thatsturningkindagray and he has dreamy blue eyes. My 88 yr old Grandma even says that. He's a kind, gentle man. Our family is the world to him, I know this. I'm a very loved and cherished woman. Very lucky. He works between 50-60 hours a week, including commute. He's a wonderful dad, husband and my best friend. He works out everyday (and is looking H-O-T BTW). He may have rolled on the floor laughing when I first told him I wanted to run a marathon, but he has been supportive from the first moment he realized I was serious. It would take me days to tell you all the good things about him, so I'll leave it at that.

Here's the part where things started making sense. He has taken up bike riding. He said he was buying a new road bike. He found one he liked for $400. I said cool....(I wasn't about to give him a hard time after all the support he'd been giving ME) Then of course he needs a helmet, heck, I don't want to be changing his diapers if he gets a serious head injury from a bike accident! (But I would and gladly)....couple days later he tells me he needs bike shorts but he hates to spend the $80 on them. I tell him he should just get them, it'll make his long rides more comfy. And I'm glad he got them, he looks sooooo sexy in them! He has a great behind, I'm all for protecting that. Then comes the bike shoes. LOL...I knew that was coming! I just looked over at him and grinned. He grinned right back. We know each other so well.

Last week Bobby was telling me he found a bike group that's biking to Key West. You throw your bag on a truck and they drop it to the campsites along the way, they ride to each stop. He told me all the details with a twinkle in his eye. I pretended not to know what was coming....he said it was $600 so he thought he'd skip it. We could take off for the weekend for $600. I didn't say anything for a minute, I just peeked over at him at the computer as he checked out that trip. He looked so cute. I could feel his excitement as he was reading the info. When he looked over at me, I smiled and told him to go for it. He deserves to have a vacation doing something he's found a passion for. (besides me of course). I could meet him there with the kids to greet him at the finish. We could stay a few days and make it a family vacation. He hasn't committed to it yet, but I hope he does. I have my marathons, he can have his 300 mile bike trip. And just like he was at the finish line for me, I'll be at his for him.

So we joke about who's sport is more expensive. I say his, he says mine. We don't really care either way. We found something we love to do.

Oh, and now he "needs" a new racing bike. I guess they make a very light weight bike that gives bikers speed. Say no more. Speed is my middle name!!! I can understand the need for speed. I said go for it once again....LOL...


bob said...

thank you for the kind words about me kim. it's comforting to know that you'd change my diapers. btw.. i just booked a cruise, a bike tour, and bought a new rode bike, all three for only 10 grand! i know you just spent 80 bucks on a marathon registration...shall we call it even? super, your the best!


your cruise-going,bike-riding, someday incontinent husband

Sherry said...

You guys are just too darn cute! Y'all remind me of of myself and the amazing guy who is at this moment making a special trip to the grocery store JUST to buy me some butter so that I can make sugar cookies tonight!


So, which sport is more expensive?? Cycling... by a mile... or maybe by a marathon!! LOL! I can't believe how much mullah I've spent on bike gadgets, gizomos, attire.. it's mind boggling! When Scott was training for his Combat Challenge, we used to joke about the amounts that we each spent on our sports. Gosh, it's all sooooo worth it though!!! :o)

So here goes...

Kim = Garmin Forerunner 405 with heartrate monitoring strap and entrance to the next 10 marathons of her choice... wherever they may be! :o)

Bobby = the Cervelo Soloist Carbon road bike macked out with a set of Zipp 404's! Sweeeet!!!


KimsRunning said... crack me up....LOL...all this is PROOF that you are the spender, not me....

Sherry...if my husband shows up with that bike you just mentioned, I'll know who to blame....LOL! I'd love a Garmin but I'd seriously need a class on how to use it!!!

We're very lucky, aren't we? So much to be grateful for.

Kurt said...

Hey I plan on making my kids change my diapers for all the stuff they did to me as teenagers LOL.

Well I think I am much more cute and cuddly but I love how you two gush about each other. That is really special.

I still love running more than the biking though.