Wednesday, May 28, 2008

There's Been A Serious Mistake

Ok, this post sucks (yeah, I said a bad word, and I'm gonna say it again...sucksucksuck. Blah. But, I digress with the suck part. Let me explain. Painfully.

First, let me ask you this: Is running really fast all that important? C'mon, really??? Is running a 7 minute mile such a big deal? You get all sweaty, your legs get sore, your heart pounds in your chest. Would get me to Boston. Highly over rated if you ask me.

I'm such a sucky (bad word again) liar. I want to run a 7 minute mile SO FREAKING BAD, that I totally screwed up a very basic requirement on timing a mile.
Yeah, that would be.....(drumroll)...MEASURING said mile PROPERLY. GAWD....I can't even stand having to write this sucky post. I'm not sure which part of this bothers me the most. Being slower than I thought or the fact that I posted my incorrect times to all of you people in Blogland. Which, BTW, my husband thought was hysterical. I don't think I need to tell you he was not allowed on my side of the bed last night.

So here's what happened...

From the gym to my house is 3.1 miles. I have only run FROM my house TO the gym a handful of times and they were all back when I didn't time myself. This was the first time I ran from my house to the gym being timed. Except for the time I left my car at the gym, ran home, got a call from the school nurse that my daughter was sick and had to run BACK to the gym to get my car. And I did that one in 30 minutes. So anyway, when I hit what I THOUGHT was the end of the first mile at 14:22, I was kind of irritated. I stood there for a minute thinking maybe I went out too slow or something. But I can walk a mile faster than 14:22. Made no sense at all. Angrily, I hit the clear button and started the timing over from what I thought meant I had 2 miles to go. I just ran the next 2 miles to the gym, looked at my watch and saw 13:34. ??????????? You'd think this alone would have clued me in that the measurements were off but nooooooooooooo. Can you all say "Kim was in denial???" I can. I was in denial. I want to be fast sooo bad that I never even gave that a thought.

So now I'm feeling kinda bad. A little deflated. A lot embarrassed. I took the day off from the gym and running. I even skipped my beloved yoga class. My coach teaches that and I just don't feel like telling him what I did. I'm betting he already knows anyway. I'm going to color my hair, do my nails and lay in the sun. I'm going to try to let it go, it may take a bag of chips though. Of which I have 2. I don't usually wallow in self pity for too long. I may even go for a leisurely run later, you know, when it's about 90 degrees out.

Thank you all for your support, it really means a lot to me. The comments and emails have been wonderful and it pains me to have to post this blog. (I need a tissue)

Happy running everyone, be sure to say hi when you pass


Sherry said...

Aw, Kim... big hugs to you sweetie! I can assure you that you are not the first runner out there to make a mistake with mileage & timing. I bet it really stems from the fact that you just plain 'ole love to run... without the bother of mileage counting and stop watches. When you start to add those new factors to your run, it's not surprising that things might be off or wonky for a while. Don't be so hard on yourself... running a 7 min/mile is not at all that important. For newbies like us, we should most likely really be focused on the all-important base training as opposed to speed.

I'm finding that the more easy runs I do (with speedwork only done once or twice a week tops), the more efficient and faster I'm getting. By slowing down and working on endurance, I'm actually getting faster. It's so weird b/c when I look at my training log (you can access it through my blog if you want to take a look), my 'easy' runs are MUCH slower now than they were when I started all of this back in December! How odd... but it works!

I guess what I'm trying to say is save the 'thought' of speed for days when you speedtrain and days when you race. On all of the other 'easy' days (which should be the bulk of your training), just run... do those enjoyable runs that you love without worrying about how fast you are doing them.

About that Garmin... I'm a gadget freak... so I think you need it! Maybe it would cheer you up and get your refocused. :o) Tell you cutie pie hubby that Sherry said you need a Garmin... the new 405 to be exact. Then you can tell MY husband how much "I" need one! :o)

HUGS to you!!!!

Sherry said...

Just had to add...

13:34 + 14:22 = 27:56 for 3.1 miles!!! Um... Kim, wouldn't that technically be a 5K PR for you?

Girl, you should be beaming!!!!!

:o) :o) :o)

Kimmie said...

Oh Kimmie Girl!!! Sorry for the delay I was out of the office. It's not about the 7 min mile. It's about the accomplishment of running. Do you know how many people can't run or hate running and what is it 2% of the population has even completed a marathon??? Keep at it girl, we all know your heart is in it! You have a great group of friends and supporters that love you! I am taking a break from running this week which kills me but I got some viral infection in the bahamas and I need to take it easy :( Keep up all your efforts they will pay off!

Nitmos said...

So what! It's not like this whole episode somehow made you SLOWER right? Laugh it off and keep on running. It's now a funny story to tell. Keep up with those speed work outs and frolics and you'll be cranking out a 7 minute mile before you know it.

Oh, and yeah, get a Garmin!! They are highly addictive.

KimsRunning said...

Thank you guys! I do feel better. My pride was hurt more than anything I guess. I'm soooo not used to timing and measuring distances. I looked at the Garmins and I'm not sure I'd even know how to use one!!! Haha!!!

Kurt said...

Speed is relative. It is good to have a goal but don't judge yourself by that goal. It is the dedication and effort that matters not the results. Your doing great.