Sunday, June 22, 2008

NP Endurance Project and Vibram's Update

This is an image from my embroidery design program, so it looks strange. It's our logo for the half marathon training program. I saw the swirly sun on a YMCA brochure and Jim thought up the name. That part took 3 minutes. Getting it into my software took me 3 Stitching it out took 5 minutes, that was the easiest part.

I'm so very excited to be a part of this project. Being a co-captain makes me feel like the 7th grader who tried out for girl's softball and was so bad the coach made me an honorary "co-manager"....true I sat on the bleachers keeping score. So sad. But I got a purple hat!! Had a ton of fun too. I hope to help bring a fun, positive attitude to this group. Jim's way of training worked for me, I'm proof it can be done. If I can run a whole marathon after 4.5 months of doing everything he taught me, this group can too! I think I'm going to enjoy seeing people evolve into endurance runners. The friendships that I've found through running is another bonus. We're going to have a great time! If you live in this area, please email me or leave a message, I'll give you all the details!


*Nitmos, you are right, I need a new picture with my Vibrams!

I ran a slow and easy 2 miles in these bad boys last Wednesday. My coach advised me to go very easy and I'm glad I listened. Even though I felt great and the run was so comfortable, my calfs were KILLING me until Saturday! I can't believe how sore they were! I haven't run in them again yet. I'm waiting for my power bar and coffee to settle and then I'm going for a sweet run. A sweet run is a run where I don't bring my watch, I don't have a plan and I stop and smell the flowers along the way. And look for gators in the canals. Oh, and I go before it's 94 degrees out. Sweet.

My husband is out on his Coastal Cruisers bike ride. They usually do about 35 miles. He loves it. He has to work later, another reason for me to get my run in early. Hey, I have a picture of him on his bike.....

There he is!


Kurt said...

Yep time for you to go run. Run an extra mile for us.

Sherry said...

I love the design, Kim! What items do you plan embroidering your logo on? Hats? T's? You guys will looks so cool on race day!

I'm so sorry that the heat is getting to you too. It's just plain awful... there's no way around it. I've been forcing myself to do at least 50% or more of my weekly mileage outdoors over the past 3 weeks and I think I'm finally starting to acclimate. My 8 mile LSR didn't bother me all that much this morning. I hope this is a good sign that my body is finally going to at least 'try' to deal with the heat.

I really wish I could 1/2 marry train with y'all... but I've got tris on the agenda until early November. However, 'which' 1/2 marry are you planning on doing? After July 13th, I don't have anything at all to actually 'race' until late October. Maybe the 1/2 marry is something I could do? It would surely more than prepare me for the run part of my Oly tri in November.

Nitmos said...

Nice looking design.

I wonder if you work different muscle groups subtley in those Vibrams which is why your calves hurt. It'll be interesting to see (read) if that flares up every time after a Vibram run.

Way to go coach. Coach the hell out of that team. ;)