Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Running In The Heat Is Not Too Fun

Ok, I did run on Sunday morning. I think it was about 9:30 or 10:00am when I left the house. I left my watch at home so I wouldn't get too insane with numbers and I walked to the end of my street to warm up. I should have stretched but I didn't feel like it! Ha!! I was fine anyway.

I ran about 1.5 miles to a bridge that over looks a small canal. I peeked over the edge looking for gators, of which have been elusive. Never saw one. I think I saw a catfish though. The whiskers on this fish were long. I took off again and was feeling pretty dizzy within another half mile out. It was about 95 degrees out, but breezy.

There's a man I see every time I run, no matter the day/time. He has a funky color yellow hair and he's very darkly tanned. He went by me on his bike doing 110 MPH, we waved. About 1 mile later, no kidding, he RAN past me on the other side of the street. I was walking because I was dizzy and when he ran by me I got a little irritated. I felt like screaming "Where's your freakin' bike mister?????" I wanted to ride it home. This guy always comes out of nowhere and passes me in the weirdest spots. I never hear him coming or see where he's come from. He must run a 5 minute mile, the show-off. If I wasn't wearing my bleaching trays and could've talked, I would've stopped him for a chat. But I didn't want to be spitting all over him while trying to speak with bleaching trays in my mouth. So he's been spared...for now.

I ran down to Publix and got some water. Ran to the middle school and did once around the track. I was so hot, I ran home from there. Ended up being a 5.25 mile run. Very leisurely. Very, very hot. Very enjoyable believe it or not. (hey, that rhymed) It was good to get out there. On the run back I saw some cyclists coming my way. I stopped on the bridge and waved as they went by. Then I saw HIM. The most handsomest biker EVER. Our eyes met, our hearts jumped. He pulled over for some smoochies. Ooohh, what a kisser! Yep, my husband Bobby! He was with the Coastal Cruisers, they were on the last mile or so before their bagel gathering. Very fun to see him!! Oh, he's such a lucky man to have me....LOL. I know this because he tells me that everyday. And I believe him.

I have yoga tonight, I think I'll run after that class. It's perfect stretching for a run. It might be a little cooler by tonight. I have a buncha things to do today, I won't be able to run until tonight anyway!


Sherry said...

Give yourself a few weeks of steady outdoor running to acclimate to the heat a bit. That's about what it took me. At the end of May/beginning of June, I had moved just about all of my running indoors... but I knew I had to get outside. My first few runs out in the heat & humidity were miserable (and you know how much I loathe the heat), but things are feeling much better now.

The dizziness is definitely a hydration issue. I always carry a water bottle with me (except when I know there will be H20 fountains around). During a 4 mile run, I can easily sip through a 12oz bottle. I tried wearing one of those packs that hold the bottle diagonally across the mid-back, but me no likey! Now I use a handheld system and I barely notice that it's there.

Running Knitter said...

Sherry is right - acclimate to the heat slowly. Always have water with you. Just take things nice and slow and you'll be used to the heat in no time.

Nitmos said...

The heat can be tough. You won't find me complaining about it though (well, maybe just some low level grumbling). After 14 months of cold winter every year, I embrace the sun and heat for all its sweaty goodness. Rock on!

Kurt said...

You will acclimate to the heat. Give it some water and time and you will adjust. Have fun!