Sunday, January 13, 2008

Dog Bite Update

Now that I've had the nerve to look at the bite, I see it's more on my leg that it felt like. I think the dog TRIED to latch onto my behind, but my "buns of steel" were ROCK SOLID, not allowing a good grip when she tried to eat me. Ha! Anyway, it's more of a scratch with a black bruise. It's about 5 inches in diameter, and yes, it hurts to sit down. I'll have Bobby take a picture of it and if it's not too inappropriate, I'll post it. She ran away after she bit me.

A man who came to help said my screams probably scared HER....LOL. He said he heard me screaming from his house, which was about 50 feet through the woods. I guess I have "lungs of steel" too. Knowing I could scream like that after running 10.8 miles makes me happy in a freaky kind of

The animal control officer called last night to update us on what was happening to the dog. 6 weeks ago, she had 9 puppies. 2 weeks ago, she found a way to get out the backdoor into the lanai and her puppies followed her. 7 of them fell into the pool. No one was home at the time so all 7 were drowned. I'm so sad to hear this. Within a few days the dog got out and chased a child, biting him. When the animal control officer went to the house, they told him what happened to her 7 puppies. He told me that the 2 puppies she still had were too young to be without their mother so with the promise of keeping the dog from escaping again, he let her stay. The day this dog bit me, no one was home. When the police officer went to the house the dog tried to attack him too. Animal control had to take her in this time. The 2 puppies were out also but he could only catch one. He searched for 3 hours for the last puppy, he's going back sometime today to get it. He wants to keep the puppies with their mother while she's in quarantine for 10 days waiting for the rabies test. He told me the dog never had any vaccinations, but seems very healthy. I won't worry about it for now. I think the dog was just freaking out over losing 7 of her puppies. That just breaks my heart. I think I'd bite someone too if it were me.

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