Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Sunday's 5K

I know I said I was done talking about the dog bite, but I'm not. Today is Wednesday and I'd hoped to have run 7 miles yesterday, but I couldn't. Between my butt/leg area still hurting and the tetanus shot, I thought it was best to rest. Sunday's race is important to me because I was planning on the longest run yet. 14.5 miles, I believe. 5.7 to the race, 3.2 race, 5.7 return trip from the race. (so 14.6 total) The marathon is so close, only 45 days!! I really wanted to be getting some distance in. I will meet the runner's club on Friday morning and test it out then. My doctor said I won't hurt it worse, it'll just be painful for a while. While I don't really think this will set me back, it's VERY frustrating to be halted in my tracks. No pun intended for once. The dog gets out of quarentine on Tuesday. I will be changing my route. I'll admit this irritates me. It's close to my house, very public and I like seeing the same people now and then. That route also has a few small hills, some grass patches I have to run across and is curvy, so I love it.

I was supposed to start swimming lessons last Monday at the YMCA. Swimming laps is great for upper body and endurance. It's also good to know how to swim....LOL. The heater was broken anyway, so I would have had to wait until this Monday. It's been a somewhat mild winter here this year, but it's still cold. When I got home Saturday after the dog incident, I went out and jumped into the pool. I didn't know my sweet, lovable husband had TURNED OFF THE SOLAR HEATER! Yeah....that was a good time. He figured no one had been swimming so why have it running. Haha!! I think the water was about 60 degrees. It pulled me out of the shock from the dog attack.


S L Husband said...

when that dog gets out of quarantine, i'm gonna throw her in the unheated pool...oh but with ur luck, you will jump in the pool and get bitten again! just kidding! by the time marathon is here you will be able to outrun a greyhound!!...actually what a great technique for speed work..have dogs chase you!! (only dogs that have had their shots of course)

KimsRunning said...

LOL...that's VERY funny! I wish I knew who you were....Hahaha!!...hmmmmm, I like the idea for speedwork though! Naaaa, that pool was FREEZING!!!


KimsRunning said...

Ahhhhh.....shoulda known you were my husband....You think you're a joker, but you're NOT....That's a little "inside joke"'re actually very funny. You make me laugh everyday. In ways you don't even realize....LOL!!!!
just kidding,