Friday, January 18, 2008

Good News/Bad News

I went to the gym and ran 2.6 miles with Mike. We kept a great pace throughout the first half of the run. My upper thigh was still bothering me, but my doctor said it was mostly muscular and running may hurt but would not cause more damage. YAY!! My goal of running a marathon is so important to me. This week of not being able to run or work out bothered me more than I thought it would. I knew I felt strongly about my goal to run the marathon, but I learned this week just how important it really is. I love running. I wish I found this sport years ago! I am also planning to run the 5K tomorrow at Lamarque. Even if I run slower, it's good to get the blood flowing to the injury. Lyndsey from work is coming to the race too. Lyndsey has been running in her free time (between nursing school and working!) This will be her first race so I'm very excited for her! I think her friend is coming too. Her name is Kim too...(hi Kim!!!)

Now my leg is killing me. I'll ice it and take something for it. Probably rest for a bit. I also had a reaction to the tetanus. My arm is bruised, hot and sore. It feels much better today. I felt a little flu-ish the last couple of days too. I think it's from the shot. I'll be glad to be able to sit again. The machines I use for upper body have these little seats. The pressure is right where the dog bit me, so I haven't done any upper body all week. I can feel my muscles turning to fat as I type these words! LOL....kidding, of course.

Lastly, thank you to all who tell me they've been reading my blog. I see the visits being logged in but no comments, so I didn't think anyone was reading this. It's nice to hear that you are! Thank you again!

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